Holy Trinity Senior Center (SPARK)


“The mission of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is to announce the Good News of God in Christ to our community and beyond by word and example.  Being one in Christ we are fed through His body and blood so that we may feed others in mind, body, and spirit.  We invite all people to join our Church family as we celebrate the love of God.”


How do we “feed others in mind, body and spirit?”  This question is at the heart of a way to demonstrate our mission statement.

With the help of a grant from Episcopal Ministries of Long Island, Holy Trinity opened the SPARK Program (Senior Program of Activities, Refreshment & Knowledge) to serve older people through keeping their minds active, offering a place to have social exchanges with others who can appreciate their perspectives, and providing a healthy meal.  This is open to all, and it is a place with new things to be learned, with varying activities and topics to help keep older adults as life-long learners.  While it is not a religious program, we show the love of God and the joy that is so evident in the spirit of Holy Trinity. 

Currently, the program has about 15 participants who pay a small fee every 10 weeks or so to help with the expenses for food and activities.  Participants are not charged for weeks that they do not attend so they can continue to travel or attend other appointments as necessary.  Activities have included Chair Yoga, Zumba, painting, beading, playing games, attending a movie, making crafts, playing games, and celebrating a participant’s birthday.  Guest speakers have included someone who works with retired greyhounds, a dietician, a firefighter, a police department community liaison, an attorney discussing elder law issues, someone teaching brain games, a nursing graduate student discussing elder safety issues, and a Mariachi band.  A unique feature of this program is the occasional visit from the Holy Trinity Nursery School children who have performed songs and worked on some crafts with the elders. 

Members have been given special privileges to attend several concerts (including Motown music and a bell choir) and a murder mystery event at Holy Trinity, which have served as fundraisers for the program.  The participants are caring and encouraging to one another, and they have a good time sharing one another’s company.  They are warm, open and inviting to those who would like to come in for a week or stay to join the program. 

SPARK currently meets on Wednesdays in the Parish Hall from 12 to 2 PM.  For further information or to register for the program, please call the Holy Trinity office:  (516) 825-2903.