Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Valley Stream


Eastertide 2018

Holy Trinity, Valley Stream

Springtime is welcome following the cold season of winter.  At Springtime, new buds begin to sprout on trees, and some plants, such as bulbs that have lain dormant, begin to push through the soil.  We welcome the signs of new life, and rebirth.  Our spirits are lifted.  But it is said that there is not rebirth without death.  Before the spring season comes, we know that trees lose their leaves, which fall off and dry up.  The grass stops growing.  Plants wither away, and the ground becomes hard and dry. 

Because we know of the cycle of seasons, we have hope.  We look to the dawn of a new day, and feel reassured that we will again feel the warmth of the sun, and the mild air that accompanies Spring. 

The same is true of the seasons of the Church.  During Lent, we remember that Jesus went to the wilderness to pray, after which he knew he was going to be crucified for our sins.  We hear the Scripture every year, and we go through the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday.  But ultimately, we are grateful that Jesus loved us so deeply.  We are blessed to be so loved, and to know that Jesus is with us no matter what.  With Jesus supporting and guiding us, we feel that we can weather any storm. 

This is why Easter is such a joyful season.  Now, we are going through a period of change, just as the caterpillar does in its due time.  The caterpillar forms a cocoon and when it has finished developing, it emerges as a beautiful butterfly.  It is barely recognizable as its former self.  It has become what it was intended to be. 

Holy Trinity is going through changes as well.  Recently, our Priest-in-Charge of the past three and a half years, Father Jon Richardson, was blessed to find a full-time position as a rector.  While that is good news for him, it also means that we had to say goodbye to our faithful clergy leader.  It means that we need to arise to renew ourselves as a faith community.  We need to remember that we can do nothing without God, but with Him, we can do mighty things in His name. 

We welcome everyone to share the Good News of Christ’s resurrection.  Join in the joy of the season, and the hope for the future! 



The Vestry of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church


We Have a Lot to Be Proud of!

Do you know that Holy Trinity is just full of history?  Read all about us in the Valley Stream Herald article on our bulletin board in the Parish Hall.

The Dioceses of Long Island is featuring our church’s outreach as an example of big ways a small church can do God’s work in the community!  Click on the picture below to watch the video!   https://vimeo.com/213072941

Photos from the 2016 Animal Blessing


On Sunday, November 13th we had the “end” of our 2016 Stewardship Campaign- “Gracious Hearts, Open Hands”.  We held an International Brunch with dishes made by our fellow parishioners from many different cultures.  It was a great success as you can see.  During our campaign we encouraged our fellow parishioners to meditate with “open hands” during the Sunday Service and to offer testimony to what “gracious” things they did to pay it forward during the week.  We had an ARK (A Random act of Kindness) that they could deposit their random acts into for display later in the Parish Hall.  It was something different and hopefully it was well received. We are still accepting pledge cards so feel free to leave them in the collection plate on Sundays.